Terms and Conditions

We have created terms and conditions to make sure that each one of our clients can get maximum benefits from our writing services. If you want to get our services, we highly recommend you reading below mentioned terms and conditions.

Terms of Service:

  • We, at Max Dissertation Help, offer our assistance and guidance to our clients who are working on their dissertation projects. However, our services must be taken as a source to get references, resources and ideas which can be used while writing a dissertation.
  • When a customer places an order on our website by filling a form, an agreement automatically takes place between the two parties and according to it, we will assign an expert writer of one to five or more years of experience. We will try out best to give the quality of work required by the client.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to make full payment for our services when they are required.
  • In case discrepancies are detected in delivered work, client has the right to request for free revisions until the work is improved to the required level, however, the claims must be based on initial order instructions.
  • We promise 100% satisfaction guarantee and if we fail to do so, you have the right to make a claim for a full or partial refund. Please read our full refund policy.
  • As a client, you must be very sure about the instructions you are giving in order form as these must be absolutely clear or we will not be responsible for any confusions.

Delivery Agreement:

  • We offer three different packages and each one of them comes with a 4 days, 6 days and 10 days completion period and if fail to complete the work within decided period, client can claim for a refund due to failure to project in time delivery.
  • However, if the delayed in delivery of project is because of incorrect email address or other factors from client side, responsibility will not fall upon us.

Violation of Terms & Conditions

  • Violation of terms and conditions described above may lead to the cancelation of order or other unpleasant consequences and therefore, every client is highly advised to abide by the rules and conditions.
  • In case of violation of terms and conditions, client will be deprived of the right to make a refund claim, however, they can still request for a negotiation over this issue.

Ordering Rules

  • Customer who is ordering must use his/her own credit card or PayPal account. 3rd Party payments are not allowed.
  • Customer must provide valid and readable Photo ID that could be (Driving License, Passport, and National ID).
  • Name of payer must be same as his/her PHOTO ID

We will not deliver order until we have valid proof of ID and we reserve the rights to cancel the order same time and refund your complete payment if you fail to provide us identification.

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