Revision Policy

At Max Dissertation Help, we always make sure that our clients don’t have to face any kind of dissatisfaction due to lower quality of work and therefore, we encourage our writers to work as per the instructions of the clients to deliver 100% satisfaction to the clients. There might still be some cases in which, our writers might not be able to give their best and to deal with all such situations, and we have created our Revision Policy.

Client’s Concerns

When we receive an order, we assign the task to one of our writers and we expect two things from them which are as follow:

  • High quality of work as per client instruction
  • In time completion and delivery of the project

In case we fail to accomplish any of the two targets, it may leave dissatisfaction for the client which we never want. However, if it happens, we give enough time for review of the entire project and in case of detecting any flaws such as grammatical errors, typing errors, improper research, improve writing, or failure to follow instructions, a claim for revision can be made.

Dealing with Claims.

When we receive a claim for revision, we assign our best writers to go through the complaint and address it on priority basis. Our writers take the work on top priority and make required improvement. In case first revision does not work effectively, second or even third time revision can also be requested.

Free Revision

If a client claims that the writer couldn’t follow his instruction, we check out the validity of the claim and if he is right, we offer free revisions.

Paid Revision

If a client comes up with additional changes or improvements which are not the part of initial order, a paid revision can be requested.

Time Period for Free Revision

If you want a free revision, you need to contact us within 14 days of delivering the project and if you send request after 14 days, you will have to pay addition charges.

Revision Time

The revision time period is 5 days during which we try to finish the work, however, it may be expanded depending upon the work required on project.

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