Refund Policy

We always try to make things clear between us and our clients and therefore, we have also created our refund policy to remove confusions and doubts. Before you place an order on our site, you better read all our refund policies to avoid any confusion in future. In case of dissatisfaction with our services, you may request for a refund but your claim must be based on valid reasons.

When you make a complaint, in the first step, we refer your case to our expert writers who evaluate how valid your complaint is and if the complaint is valid, we try to remove discrepancies in work so your full satisfaction can be availed, however, if you are yet not satisfied, as a next step you can request for a refund keeping in view following policies:

You may choose to get 4-10 days delivery package and you will be delivered your completed project within the same period and then you will have a revision period of maximum 72 hours, during which you must register your complaint if you find any discrepancies in work.

Our team will evaluate your complaint to decide how true you are in your complaint and if you have made a complaint based on minor errors in content; your request will be ignored after making required changes in content.

In case there are major discrepancies found in project, our quality assurance team will try to improve it as per your requirement. Even than you don’t find that level of satisfaction, you may be given a partial refund or if you would like to get discount compensation, it is also possible.

When you are intended to make a refund claim, you must keep in mind to contact directly to our quality assurance team rather than involving some other third party. If you do this you will be eligible for a refund or if you fail to do so, your action will be treated as breaking of decided terms and conditions.

We will try to settle the issue amicably within the next 14 days since you make a claim and if you are failed to do so, you can request a third party to get involved in settlement process. This is the normal way to resolve the issue amicably.

Sometimes, a client may be charged twice and it should be taken as a technical system error. Once we detect the error, we immediately refund excessive amount.

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