Privacy Policy

A number of misfortunate incidents related to users personal information has been reported and therefore, it has been very important to be very clear that how we collect and use users’ information when they come on our site. We have created a comprehensive policy to provide our clients with maximum security and protection. We highly advise every visitor to go through these policies.

Basic Purpose of This Statement

Basic purpose of this statement is to let our users know that they are safe while using our services or visiting our site as we collect a certain amount of info which is used only for improving user’s experience or payment procedures.

Why Is It Important to Collect User’s Info?

When a user or client comes to us, he/she expects to receive high quality of work and therefore, we always try to provide our best, however, for this we need some specific type of information from the users so we can improve our services.

What Kind of Information Do We Collect?

Basically, we collect personal or contact information as it helps us deliver the work in time as per the expectation of the client.

Name & Address

It is good to provide your real name but if you don’t want, you can also use alias. You might also be required to generate your residing country. In addition to this, postal and zip code might also be required.

Contact Numbers

A client is also required to give us his or her email address which is used for communication and it is also good to give a secondary email address. Additionally, phone/cell number can also be requested.

Computer Identification

Computer identification information such as IP address, computer type and browser type can also be fetched automatically.

User Experience

When we use our site, we may use specific keywords or visit exclusive pages and all such information can be recorded by our system.

Where We Use User’s Info?

There is variety of places where we use the gathered information such as:

  • Order completion
  • Payment procedure
  • Communication with clients
  • Maintaining client record
  • Updates about the services
  • Improving user experience
  • And many other places

How Secured Is It Give Us Personal info?

It is 100% secured to give us personal information because we have been in place a very strong security system which is working very effectively to make sure that no part of info can be misused, stolen or sold.

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