Cancellation Policy

At Max Dissertation Help, we always try our best to complete the project in time and try our best to avoid cancellation of the order from any side. However, there are still some situations, in which we can’t stop it. Sometimes, we may be too busy or sometimes, clients may not need to work on dissertation anymore and we have to be ready for all such situations. Therefore, we are giving here our cancellation policy to avoid any confusion in future.

1: In case the client cancels the order due to any reason, he/she may request for a refund but the case will be referred to our customer support department which will decide if there is any possibility of 100%, 50% or 25% compensation. It greatly depends upon the completion of work.

2: If client does not respect the terms and condition and violate any condition, we have the right to cancel order immediately and we will not be responsible to make any compensation, however, customer can request us for a refund.

3: If company accepts an order but in the next few days, it realizes that it may not be able to carry out the order because of work overload, we may precede order cancellation and we will be responsible to refund 100% compensation.

4: We normally avoid getting involved in any such activity that engages our workforce, however, there might be some event in which we might get involved unexpectedly and in this case, we might have to cancel some of the orders.

5: In case the writer, who is assigned to work on your project, gets ill and is not able to continue working, we have two options here either to refer your project to some other writer or to cancel the order.

At Max Dissertation Help, we always make sure to handle each individual’s case amicably so our clients don’t have to face any disappointment at all.

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